Teaming up with TacWare

We’re proud to announce that Index Industries has acquired the attachment hardware division of TacWare. We’ve always admired the company’s grit and philosophy and we look forward to serving TacWare customers with integrity and efficiency.

Teaming up with TacWare: the Newest Index Acquisition

Index Industries CEO Shane Bearly and TacWare Owner/Operator Tyler Ely have struck a deal that marks a new chapter for both: Index Industries has acquired the attachment hardware division of TacWare.

About six years ago-when the two first met-Ely was focused on growing his own holster company. Several years later when they reconnected, Ely had shifted gears to his steadily growing project: TacWare. Like Index Industries, TacWare is a product developer, supplier, and distributor, focused on tactically-inspired EDC gear like pocketable flashlights and titanium-forged keyring accessories as well as seven different clips for sheaths and holsters.

This new deal streamlines both the Index and TacWare supply chains, thereby allowing Tyler to return to focusing on the area of business he enjoys most: the EDC gear. "I’ve grown my customer base and made some good friends thanks to the TacWare clips," says Tyler, "but my true interest is in developing products from scratch and improving on already existing products-that’s what this acquisition allows me to do."

Index Industries is among the more recognized companies for holster hardware in the country, making the decision to sell easy for Tyler. "Index is a good fit because they’re a respected name with a good image." To finalize details, Tyler and his wife flew to California to see the Index facilities first hand. "I really wanted to get to know Shane," says Tyler. "In business, relationships and networking are so important. I wanted to solidify our relationship, shake his hand, and ensure that he was the kind of guy that would take care of my customers as well as I have."

"It meant a lot to me that Tyler would come out and bring his partner too," says Shane. "That just reaffirmed my stance. It was big for us to be at the Index headquarters together to turn over the keys to something that’s important."

At the end of the day, the two men agree that they share similar business perspectives and that their ongoing relationship is perfect breeding ground for new ideas. "Tyler will continue to be a contributing voice of R&D for Index Industries," says Shane, "Between us, we will continue to put out great products; things that will continue to improve customers’ lives."