The Supply You Demand

More than just a tag line, our motto reflects a commitment to our customers. They trust that no matter where manufacturing trends & industry needs go next, just like always, we’ll be right there.

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The Supply You Demand

40 years. Three generations. These are numbers we don’t stand behind casually. Together, they begin to paint a picture, one that—when broken down to brass tacks—is simply comprised of hard work day in and day out. But somewhere amid the emails sent and cups of coffee brewed, our legacy emerged and we’ve carried it with us through generational changes, shifting industry trends, and businesses coming and going.

At the end of the day, our customers trust that no matter where manufacturing trends and industry needs go next, just like always, we’ll be right there.


We’re the type of people that belabor the details. No manufacturer’s process is too intricate and no supply chain is too complicated for us to understand from the inside out. Likewise, we set out with the same energy to know our customers profoundly—from the individual hobbyist to the billion dollar companies, we pride ourselves on an adept customer service team that can meet each where they stand.


There comes a time when honoring customer requests and following a moral compass is at odds with financial gain and competitive edge. Our core values are (and have always been) centered squarely on doing the right thing. Some may have argued over the years that this would set us back, but in the end, it has helped us set a sterling precedent, and earned us an unwavering reputation as our customers’ best advocates through thick and thin; big orders and small.

We connect the dots

We connect the dots. Sometimes, the middle man gets a bad rap, but from this angle, we have a clear view of all moving pieces and the experience and expertise to anticipate our customers’ needs before they even start to come down the pipeline. We’re the trusted advice, the fluent translators across companies and industries, and the maestro that pulls all the right strings at the right times.

Who’s coming with us

The heart of America is industrial and our customers carry the torch by hatching big ideas and putting in the sweat equity to make it happen. For how simple the formula is, there are fewer people buckling down and taking fate into their own hands these days. But when we cross paths with real, salt-of-the-earth hard work, it’s obvious. These are the people that are truly moving the needle, and the ones that inspire us to do the same.

Our Divisions

Our Partners

This is just a sampling of the top-tier partners that represent the relationships that span a broad range of industries.

ARaymond Tinnerman
Austri Alpin
Brighton-Best International
Johnson & Hoffman

“With Index's in-depth knowledge of our product line and top-notch customer service, we trust them completely to satisfy all customers' needs and maintain those relationships long term.”

- Cory Rau / Vice President of Sales & Marketing / Stimpson Co., Inc.

“The Index staff are true team players—upfront, honest, excited about our business, and committed to being a market leader.”

- Bill Sulesky / Director of Business Development NA / A.Raymond Tinnerman Industrial, Inc.

“Their leadership and customer service are exceptional and their passion for bringing innovation and high-quality products to market is world class.”

- Butch Whiting / CEO / Kryptek Outdoor Group

“Throughout more than three decades of partnership, Index Industries remains an integral part of Scovill’s go to market strategy, representing our products with the utmost professionalism.”

- Shane McEntyre / SVP Sales and Marketing / Scovill Fasteners

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The heart of America is industrial and our partners carry the torch by hatching big ideas and knowing that it takes sweat equity to make them a reality. Sound like you? Let’s work together.