Doubling Down on the Future

Technology Infrastructure Upgrades

Here at Index, both customer expectations and a continuously changing IT landscape are driving efforts focused on technology modernization. As we have come to realize in the course of targeting that ultimate customer service goal, a more efficient and secure company infrastructure is key to providing the best possible customer experience.

A few of the highlighted enhancements that have been implemented over the last 18-24 months include:

A completely new e-Commerce site offering an improved user interface for the Thermoplastic customer with the ability to support customized features such as our wildly popular Index Bux rewards program.

A migration away from all on-site technology hardware to a Private Cloud Environment, including multiple redundancies that can be accessed by our teams from anywhere, at any time to reduce service response times all while enabling greater security of customer information.

Upgrading our ERP to an Oracle based system that has allowed us greater reporting capabilities in order to support enhanced forecasting and order tracking. All of which is intended to empower our teams with the tools necessary to better serve customer needs.

Implementation of new Warehouse Management Software to include mobile scanning, enabling further increases in efficiency and accuracy within the flow of order picking, packing and shipping.

As high impact as the above changes may be, that is not the end of our technologies upgrade journey. Our customers are our priority and our efforts to “future proof” our systems with allow Index to continue to advance our noteworthy level of service.