Over 2MM Pieces Acquired as Johnson & Hoffman Closes Their Doors

After closing its doors for good in late 2019, Index Industries announced a deal to acquire all remaining stock from Johnson & Hoffman.

Index Industries Picks Up the Slack as Johnson & Hoffman Closes Their Doors

For anyone in the automotive and defense manufacturing industries, Johnson & Hoffman is a household name. Or at least rings a loud bell. The leading global supplier of complex, thin-walled, deep-drawn precision metal stampings along with other metal-stamped components, plug buttons, and tee-nuts has been a formidable member of the industry for over 70 years.

Originally a part of the widely-recognized TRW group, the New York company changed hands a number of times during its long and storied history before finally closing its doors for good in late 2019. Soon thereafter, Index Industries struck a deal to acquire all remaining stock—over two million pieces—to cushion the disruption in a number of our customers’ supply chains. More importantly, over the past several years, we have identified some of the products for which Johnson & Hoffman was known but struggled to supply and have begun to manufacture them ourselves.

In the final years of business, customers of Johnson & Hoffman reported some trouble with lead times, customer service, and communication. Going forward, we are committed to continue to supply the industry with the high-quality products that defined Johnson & Hoffman while not skipping a beat in the support Index customers have come to expect. Further, we will keep looking for opportunities to manufacture select components that were exclusive to their line.

For product inquiries related to the existing stock or questions about our custom manufacturing process, please contact Sales@indexfasteners.com